More than two decades ago, an ambition was born, a thought was manifested and a purpose emerged to form the CALYX Pvt. Ltd.

After all these years, CALYX has risen through the ranks of emerge as a power player in Real Estate Industry. From creating mesmerizing pieces of architecture to completing mammoth sized townships, we have left an indelible mark of excellence in every endeavour.

Today, we stand at the cusp of a major transformation with a new surge in ambition with aims to reach the stars and transcend new heights of success and finally have embarked as a journey to emerge as an iconic construction conglomerate with our souls firmly rooted in our values.


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Our Brand Promise

The Edifice of CALYX Constructions rests on four pillars of technology, Quality, Transparency, and Customer Service. We, at CALYX Constructions have always and will always strive towards excellence with unflinching adherence to the four basic tents. Today, We aspire to reach the skies and create pieces of architectural marvels across the horizon by leveraging advanced construction techniques will devotion to quality at all stages of construction.
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Our Vision

To be a symbol of excellence in the real estate arena and enhance the lifestyle quotient of our customers by providing them premium spaces and also partnering India’s growth Story by venturing into public-Private infrastructure & Township development and subsequently spread our wings in diverse industries ranging from hospitality to media & entertainment. Know More

Our Philosophy

In this cutthroat world of business, where people live and die by the adage of ‘everything is fair in Love and War…. And Business is War’ We Believe in ‘Being fair in everything’ so be it from th smallest of negotiations to the biggest of of deals we have always adhered to our values and listened to our conscience and never strayed from this sacred path, it’s this dogged determination in our beliefs, which is enlightened our path to success.
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