About Vision & Philosophy CALYX GROUP OF COMPANIES

Our Vision

“Aim for the moon, that way even if you miss you’ll still be amongst the stars” Said noted author and businessman W. Clement Stone. This simple words are powerful reminders of infinite strength of human spirit. It’s always been our ceaseless Endeavour to expand beyond the established frontiers, to challenge the zones of comfort and emerge as refined organization.

To be a symbol of excellence in the real estate arena and enhance the lifestyle quotient of our customers by providing them premium spaces and also partnering India’s growth Story by venturing into public-Private infrastructure & Township development and subsequently spread our wings in diverse industries ranging from hospitality to media & entertainment.

Our Mission

We are devoted to deliver outstanding quality of work and bring in course changing concepts with innovative solutions for efficient and speedy execution of all our undertakings as well as application of environmentally sustainable practices in our each and every commitment.

Our Philosophy

In this cutthroat world of business, where people live and die by the adage of ‘everything is fair in Love and War…. And Business is War’ We Believe in ‘Being fair in everything’ so be it from th smallest of negotiations to the biggest of of deals we have always adhered to our values and listened to our conscience and never strayed from this sacred path, it’s this dogged determination in our beliefs, which is enlightened our path to success.

So ‘Being Fair’ is not just a philosophy, but an unshakeable anchor which has held our organization in the hearts and minds of our Customers. We have imbibed it everything, right from reposing the faith of our customers by giving premium quality service and products to nurturing all our employees, without any form of discrimination. We have relentlessly strived to maintain transparency and rationality in our every area to work from conceptualization to commissioning of projects, regardless of the size.