What is Calyx

Our LOGO is a beautiful blend of typeface of the name ‘CALYX’ set in Grey. (which represents corporate outlook and understated calmness) and graphical symbol of flower. The name ‘CALYX’ is a metaphorical representation of the outermost whorl of the flower that preserves the beauty of the flower by holding the petals together and is further linked to the stem. This stem ultimately, touches the earth that express quality of being down to earth in –spite of being a symbol of beauty and Love. The symbolic Logo is a flower with 5 petals having 5 different colours . The colours are Orange for power, yellow signifies exuberance, Green implies nature & Life, Blue suggests depth and stability and pink shows kindness & youthfulness.

Why Calyx

The Edifice of CALYX rests on four pillars of technology , Quality, Transparency, and Customer Service. We, at CALYX have always and will always strive towards excellence with unflinching adherence to the four basic tents. Today, We aspire to reach the skies and create pieces of architectural marvels across the horizon by leveraging advanced construction techniques will devotion to quality at all stages of construction.

‘CALYX’ is an embodiment of transparency with unyielding business ethics and crystal clear business approach. We are equally persistent about prompt costumer service, which comprises of both before and after sales assistance, to ensure cent percent contentment for our clients & Patrons.